Plasma Cut Art

For most of the clients who come and see us looking for metal art, it’s the first time they’ve truly explored this artistic medium in depth. Most have doubts about how well their images and designs will translate to a metal frame, or assume that the finished product will have a dull, lifeless finish. Those same skeptics leave amazed at how precise our CNC plasma cutting table is able to cut their images, and just how much life the right finish can breathe into their artwork.

We here at OLE Metal Fab have mastered the art of turning cold, hard steel and metal into warm, colorful décor that fits perfectly into the design plans of any home or office. We invite you to see for yourself why plasma cut art is quickly becoming all the rage in both interior and exterior design.

Quality Outdoor Décor

Most probably equate metal art décor with outdoor design due to the fact that custom metal gates, doors, and privacy panels have been adding character to homes and buildings for years. While we do offer those features, our product portfolio also includes:

  • Decorative gussets
  • Custom BBQ grates for your existing BBQ pit, as well as custom BBQ pit fabrication
  • Outdoor fire pits and screens
  • Garden and memorial markers

When choosing metal décor for your yard or patio, play close attention to the particular metal your pieces are made from. Certain metals, such as copper, are made for the outdoors, developing a rich color from exposure to the air. Others like mild steel also work well, yet you may want to consider treating them with a protective coating in order to avoid the effects of oxidation.

Innovative Indoor Art

Recently, stainless steel and metal art has begun to find its way indoors. These pieces can blend seamlessly into any décor, and their unique finishes offer an equally unique look. We at OLE Metal Fab have a large selection of designs for you to choose from, or we can create a piece based upon your specifications. Our table cuts precisely enough to create things as intricate and detailed as custom metal portraits. The benefit of keeping your plasma cut art indoors is that you can often play around a lot more with the finish. While the raw steel look is bold all on its own, you can also try finishes of various colors using materials such as:

  • Paint
  • Patina
  • Powder coat

Let’s Make Something Special Together

Are you ready to completely rejuvenate a drab, boring indoor or outdoor space? Just leave it to our team of artistic professionals here at OLE Metal Fab to create for you a beautiful, custom decorative piece from any of the metals with which we work. We’re ready to bring any design that have for us to life. The only limit to what we can do is your imagination. To get started on translating your ideas to a custom metal canvass, give us a call at 432.685.1373 today.


FullSizeRender Cupcakes Sign Custom Butterfly Mule Deer Oval White Tail w Trees Wrench Key Holder IMG_20140412_151443_563 Sun / Moon Metallic Blue Farm Tractor Oval Le Fleur Mule Deer Mountain Oval Solar Flare Sun Moon Face Steer Wrestler Welcome Sign Tree of Life Half Circle Sun Moon Face Garden Welcome Sign 2 Full Circle Sun Moon Face Farm Scene Barn Tractor Rooster Oval Elk Oval 2 Cabin Windmill Mountains Oval 1 Cat in Flowers Oval Cowboy on horse w bear mountain scene Cowboy Prayer Yard Stake Eagle Mountain Oval Business Card Holders - Deer Bear Mountain Oval

Cowboy Welcome Sign

Custom Metal Art for Your Home

Happy Trails Custom Finishes Functional Wall Art Hunting wall art Detailed designs Custom towel holders (my boys think these are AWESOME) Outdoorsman Clock Backing Hunter's Wall Hang Happy Trails Key Holder

Always right where you left them.  Hang this by the door and stop searching when it's time to leave!!  We can turn just about any design into a key holder, contact us today to get started on yours!!

Always right where you left them. Hang this by the door and stop searching when it’s time to leave!! We can turn just about any design into a key holder, contact us today to get started on yours!!

Outdoorsman Clock Backing Jesus Butterfly Custom Finishes on Elegant Cross Custom Finish on Simple Cross Custom Cross Negative Cutouts Mini Bat Double Helix Custom Made Mancards