Industrial Production and Fabrication

The best thing about the metal with which we work here at OLE Metal Fab is that it’s multifunctional. Many clients come to us requesting personalized, custom works of art, but we also specialize in handling industrial production and fabrication in quantities ranging from 1 to 1000. Our goal is to ensure that all of our customers receive cost effective, high quality solutions for their production needs.

Metal Fabrication

Countless clients throughout the state have looked to OLE Metal Fab for all of their industrial production and fabrication needs. Our team has years of collective industrial experience, so we’re well familiar with all of the applications unique to this field as well as the many products, parts, and services needed to maintain them. Aside from offering general metal fab work, we also offer welding and broaching. Our equipment is designed to broach holes as large as 2 3/16” in diameter in materials with thicknesses of up to 3”.

We put as much pride and effort into creating pieces for industrial applications as we do in designing and building artistic features. Our experience in metal fabrication in Midland has included the production of all manner of products, including:

  • Custom machine parts
  • Motor plates
  • Wear bars
  • Ring gauges
  • Machine bases and shims
  • Control panels
  • Heavy Machine Parts
  • Structural Rig Components
  • Prototyping Services

Steel Fabrication

What’s included in our gallery is merely a sampling of the sort of support we can provide to your industrial processes. Our experience in working with both mild and stainless steel also allows us to create whatever custom machine parts you need. Just bring us the specifications of what you want done, and our team will do the rest.

Our skill and creativity are reflected in the parts that we manufacture for industrial applications just as much as they are in the many CNC plasma cut art displays that we’ve created. While art products on display show the level of talent on our team, it’s only in helping industrial production systems function efficiently that that talent in seen in action. No other provider can offer such a wide range of services as that which you’ll enjoy when you choose us as your partner in providing quality steel, copper, and aluminum products.

Your Partners in Production

We’re far from just an art cutting company. On the contrary, industrial production and fabrication is one of our specialties. We can create everything from custom machine parts to control panels. Whatever your industrial metal or steel needs are, we hope that you’ll trust us to fill it. To learn more about our industrial fabrication services, give is a call today at 432.685.1373.