Plasma Cut Signs

Are you tired of having to constantly replace your company’s signs after just a few weeks or months of display? Have you been searching for a creative way to display your logo to customers, but can’t quite seem to find the right idea? What if you could create a sign based upon your own design that was both visually-captivating and guaranteed to be durable? Those are the same benefits that you’ll enjoy with a plasma cut sign from OLE Metal Fab.

Our team has helped countless local companies improve both their outdoor design displays as well as their marketing efforts with quality custom signs using CNC plasma cutting technology. We can create plasma cut signs using any number of metallic materials, including mild and stainless steel, copper, and aluminum. Not only do these signs look great, but with the right care, they can remain on display for years to come.

Countless Customization Options

There are no limits to what you can do with signs that we help to create. You can choose from a wide selection of materials and finishes to give your sign a look that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Once the sign is completed, you have the option of putting it up as is or continuing to be creative in its display. We can provide you with a number of different ideas to help make your custom plasma cut sign even more striking, such as:

  • Welding it to larger background materials such as an archway or sculpture
  • Displaying it against a colorful contrasting background
  • Using layered metals to create intricate designs with a 3D-like effect
  • Placing a colored LED light behind your sign to give it added affect at night

With you providing your company logo and your ideas for the design and us providing the resources and the industry expertise, the net result is a quality steel cut sign that is guaranteed to stand out far above the competition.

A Company that’s a Cut Above

There might be other companies out there advertising the same CNC plasma cutting services that we provide, but we guarantee you that none of them can match our level of commitment to quality customer service. We hold ourselves to a much higher standard than the rest, not only in the quality of our work but also in responding to your needs. We’ll be here to give advice on the care and maintenance of your sign, as well as when you when you want to add additional pieces to your outdoor display.

What Are You Waiting For?

Putting a plasma cut sign on display is guaranteed to catch the eyes of interested customers. Whether you’re looking for an elaborate, multi-layered piece or a simple sign featuring nothing more than your company logo, we here at OLE Metal Fab have you covered. Let us help you in proudly putting your company’s name and image out there for the entire world to see.

To learn more about our customization options or to get a quote, simply call us at 432.685.1373 today.