CNC Plasma Cutting Gallery

We at OLE Metal Fab believe that art is often wasted stuck inside of a gallery. It’s meant to be enjoyed by those who truly appreciate it. You won’t find our gallery in any one single location; rather, it’s spread throughout the state, in the many homes and offices of the clients with whom we’ve worked.

While our team of metal workers might appear to be “just” metal workers, don’t be fooled; we’re artists through and through. We believe in the artistic potential of mild and stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and all other types of metal. We employ advanced CNC plasma cutting technology to unlock that potential, creating custom works based upon your designs. Our cutting table makes precision cuts that allow for a level of quality few others can match.

Awesome Works of Art

As you can see, we handle a wide variety of artistic designs. We offer a full CAD suite with thousands of designs for you to choose from. Don’t see what you want? Simply submit your own design. We can use literally anything as a design template, including:

  • Drawings
  • Portraits
  • Logos

Your design will look great cut into aluminum, copper, or steel. While unfinished, raw steel looks great, we also offer a number of finishes to complete your piece, including: paint, patina’s, and powder coat in a variety of colors.

Visually Stunning Signs

Can you think of any other way to immortalize your company’s logo than by turning it into a beautiful steel cut sign? Unlike other shops, our CNC plasma cutter allows for a degree of precision that you may have never thought possible with metal. Not only are the signs that we create stunning to look at, but they can be displayed in virtually any location. Where others will often look worn and dated after just a few months of display, an OLE Metal Fab-made sign will maintain the same awesome appearance even after years of exposure. Just take a look at the many signs that we’ve created, and envision what yours would look like compared to them.

Waiting to Work with You

Who says that great works of art must come from an overpriced art gallery? When you choose to work with us here at OLE Metal Fab, we guarantee to provide you with pieces of décor that will far exceed your expectations. You won’t believe what we can do with standard steel, aluminum, and copper. For more information on how we can accentuate your home or office’s décor with quality CNC plasma cut metal art pieces, just give us a call at 432.685.1373.





3/16" Diamond Plate Aluminum sign #2